Can We Create Heaven on Earth? How to Find Inner Freedom

For many religions, heaven is a place that we access after death. But what if we could live in heaven on earth right here and right now? Some philosophical scholars believe that heaven is a state of mind and that each individual has the capacity to access this internal state of heaven through the power of the mind.

When we use and direct our consciousness in specific ways, perhaps we truly can create heaven on earth! We will explore this question in greater depth in this article today, along with some specific strategies that you can use to begin creating inner freedom and peace in your own life today. Every step we take towards this inner state of heaven begins with us, so let’s dive in!

How Can We Create Heaven on Earth?

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Before we can discuss how to create heaven on earth, we first need to establish what this really means. What does heaven on earth look like? Heaven on earth may be or feel different for each individual, and that is what makes it so beautiful. Heaven on earth is about how we perceive the world, and the first step to making this shift is by shifting your perception.

We are constantly being bombarded with stimuli in our environment, but where we have control is in how we perceive it and then react to it. By learning to shift into a more neutral and observational state of mind, we can begin to cultivate a state of inner balance where we are not swayed by the attraction to pleasure or the aversion to pain.

Living on earth, we cannot avoid the pains and pleasures of life. To some degree, suffering is inevitable. But where we have autonomy is in how we perceive it and how we react to it. As the great psychologist Viktor Frankl taught, we can ultimately find deep meaning through suffering, and this access to meaning is what can get us through any challenge. For a person with a strong “why” can survive almost any “how.”

What is Hindering Us from Achieving Heaven on Earth?

So, what is the main roadblock for us achieving heaven on earth? Some philosophers say that the root of this difficulty is in our attachment. Without even realizing it, we are subconsciously attached to the suffering and pleasures of life. Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin, and when we cling to one, we inherently must experience the other.

But when we can begin to loosen these attachments and start seeing things as they truly are, rather than how we want them to be, we can shift closer to that neutral inner observational state – which is our wellspring of inner peace!

By making the choice to dedicate your life to a higher purpose, you can begin shifting toward this state of inner neutrality and accessing the freedom that we all so desperately seek. But it is important to note that accessing this state takes time and dedication for most people. Striving for the inner state of heaven on earth or enlightenment may take many lifetimes, but it is a journey that is truly transformational and unforgettable!

My Personal Journey of Cultivating Internal & External Heaven on Earth

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Accessing heaven on earth has been a personal struggle of mine for many years. Before diving into spirituality and various healing modalities, I was deeply involved in the material world through partying, mind-numbing, and never-ending work pursuits. But over time, I have gradually begun to shift my priorities and realized that these pursuits are ultimately bringing me deeper into suffering and away from the ultimate goal of inner freedom.

My journey began when I first traveled to India, and the spark within me was lit to seek a more profound truth. I still am not sure if I have discovered it, but they say that joy comes in the journey! With every step that I take on my spiritual path, I feel that I have come closer to my true Self and my connection with a Higher Power. Each step aligns me with the cosmic order or dharma, and I feel more in tune and aligned than ever before.

My personal journey of internal heaven on earth cultivation has centered around yoga practice, meditation, and Ayurvedic healing. As I have worked to align my body and mind with nature and my inner self, I have felt a deeper alignment occurring as I call in the energies of heaven on earth into my inner being.

On an external level, I have also continued to work to cultivate heaven on earth by sharing what I have learned with others and through my therapeutic work. It is my honor to work with individuals on their path of trauma recovery and see the light of spirituality in traumatic experiences and how we can turn trauma into opportunities for growth and profound healing.

How You Can Create Your Own Heaven on Earth

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If there is anything that I hope you take away from this article, it is this: we all have the capacity to access heaven on earth right here, right now — every moment we make a choice. And the beautiful thing about this is that each moment is a new opportunity! There is no space for shame or guilt in this process; it is about looking at each present moment as a gift to access awareness and shift your mindset.

Here are a few practices that you can begin to start cultivating this internal and external awareness of heaven on earth in your daily life:

1. Practice Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are essential practices for this journey of cultivating mindfulness and connecting to spiritual healing. Through meditation, we can practice in a specific moment to work with this neutral mind and shift our awareness. As we gradually deepen into meditation and yoga, the benefits of these practices will start to seep into your daily life.

2. Focus on Gratitude

An essential step for cultivating heaven on earth is being able to open your eyes to the beauty all around you. One of my favorite practices is simply looking around the room that I am in and identifying three things in that present space that I am grateful for. As we start to cultivate this awareness of beauty, we can shift out of the common negative mindset and into a state of mind that sees the beauty and divine nature of the world in its current form.

3. Be in the Present Moment

Each moment is an opportunity and a gift, and the more that we can be present with what is rather than dreaming of future possibilities or dwelling on the past, the more that we can access this newfound awareness. Presence comes through simple moments of feeling the laughter course through your body while out with friends, feeling your feet on the floor as you walk, or noticing the water against your body as you shower or wash the dishes. Each of these small moments is an opportunity to be fully present in your life and to experience the wonders of heaven that each moment brings.

Find Inner Freedom Through Integrative Trauma Therapy

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If you are interested in exploring deeper into the power of holistic healing and how you can begin accessing this state of inner heaven on earth, then join me for integrative trauma therapy sessions online. I integrate a wide range of holistic healing techniques, such as nutrition therapy, herbal medicine, yoga therapy, somatic therapy, and spiritual healing, to support you on your journey.

So, take this first step and join me for integrative trauma therapy sessions online today! It would be my honor to walk with you along this path of healing.

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