Embrace Your Shadow & Find Your Light

Are You Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

Holistic Health Consultations

Contact me for individualized assistance in addressing your physical and mental health issues.

Wellness Coaching

Shift into a greater state of balance with supportive and body-positive wellness coaching packages.

Private Yoga Classes

Delve deeper into the world of yoga through private yoga classes and yoga therapeutic techniques.

About Me

Hi! My name is Isabella and I am the founder of Surya Bella Wellness. Through my work as a holistic health consultant and wellness coach, I guide others in reaching their ultimate state of physical and mental health. The primary tools that I use are yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Western clinical herbalism, holistic nutrition, meditation, and the power of deep inner inquiry. 

With one-on-one consultations, coaching, and classes, my goal is to help you achieve inner balance between your shadow and light to facilitate a more integrated version of you.

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